EverPunks Music Club

10,000 unique collectible characters

An NFT collection of 10K tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Art & Design

When you plan to create another avatar collection (there are thousands) you wanna make it special, so you start experimenting with code til finally you find something that you has never seen before, and you feel good. It is not good yet, but you know that with hard work you’ll make it.

I found basically three categories in the avatar collections world: pixel art, 2D illustration and 3D. I like to think that EPMC is none of them.

Two EverPunks with Topaz skin

Designing “looks” is designing templates of visual representations of characters. When you design variable “looks” you take conditioning decisions.

Some haircuts

Everyday new “looks” appear, specially around art and cultural manifestations. This is an study of avatars as communicative symbols.

Variations of white t-shirt on amethyst EverPunk

Creative Coding

When you plan to create 10K images by code… well, it’s complicated. Why 10K? It has historic reasons (The CryptoPunks, the first NFT collection to blow up, stablished this precedent).

All EverPunks are 2048x2048px images generated algorithmically with PHP. No two are alike due the number of possible traits (200+) and their combinations (140.000+). That’s to say, 140,000+ different Everpunks could be generated but I limited to 10K, searching for extreme uniqueness.

The images are not generated combining layers but algorithms.

Why 10K? Because it’s a lil bit crazy, isn’t it? And it’s a challenge.

Some options with the same traits: just can exist one

To create extreme uniqueness, I defined the traits and its colors independently, so, what primary define an EverPunk are the traits, not the colors. Just can exist one EverPunk with a combination of traits.

The colors of the EverPunks (Gemms) are generated by code.


One of the most important things of Web3 is the IPFS, the Inter Planetary File System, and to integrate it into the EPMC dApp, was one of the most difficult things for me as a developer.

All EverPunks are stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Once an EverPunk is created its image and its metadata are uploaded to the IPFS and linked to the Smart Contract in the Ethereum blockchain.

So EverPunks is a collection of 10,000 Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

I developed three Minting Options and two different minting methods in the smart contract.

Six EverPunks

This project is inspired by two of the most important collections of NFTs right now: CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

This project includes:

  • The creation of the software needed to create 10,000 unique avatar images and data about each one of them (each trait of each character), and to store it all into the IPFS.
  • The creation of a smart contract in Solidity to mint and track 10,000 ERC-721 tokens, and its deployment to the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The creation of a dApp to interact with the EverPunks collection in the Ethereum blockchain, through the smart contract and a crypto wallet.

The EPMC dApp will be live soon

Next Project

Going to the Abstract

Art Generator Game


A personal project of generative art where you can participate.