Going to the Abstract

Art Generator Game

A personal project of generative art where you can participate.

Going to the Abstract (G2DA) is an abstract art generator game. You can create a new artwork (for free) choosing one of the available models. From that moment, a unique artwork will be generated by different algorithms. Once a G2DA is created it can be minted to the Polygon blockchain (paying gas), becoming an NFT.

All started playing with the concept of randomness, and little by little started to take shape. One interesting thing I found was the notion of infinite colors, and after that, the notion of naming colors, because there are a lot of “blue” colors and “red” colors when you play with RGB values.

Somehow the project turned into an exploration of shapes and colors, and their combination.

Three Models with two variations

As a visual designer, G2DA is a way to explore the concept of visual language, which we find more and more in branding strategies.

It is also a way to explore different options of data visualization. When we talk about generative art we are talking about a lot of thinks, like the use of computational technologies. In generative art we often deal with big numbers something like big data.

Three variations of subtype “Random”

G2DA is a work_in_progress project because it is still possible to create and explore new models. The project obeys to some rules to remain open or to get closed. This rules are formed beetween the smart contract and the dApp.


As a coder, this projects offers me the opportunity to work on creative artistic coding and web3 code (web3, web2 and web1).

As a creative coder, I work with legacy PHP code and the adaptation of some basic mathematic formula.

The Web3 part of the coding includes Solidity, node.js, and basic php, html, css and javascript.

This project includes:

  • The creation of the software needed to create infinite random images and data about each one of them (all server-side), and to store it all into the IPFS.
  • The creation of a smart contract in Solidity and its deployment to the Polygon network.
  • The creation of a dApp (decentralised App) to interact with the Polygon network through the smart contract and a crypto wallet.

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