Design Lead

The possibilities of free Wi-Fi and geolocated services in smart cities.

Mobdala was an ambitious B2B start-up, offering a 360º solution for business, to monetize large Wi-Fi installations.

Website Design and Development

Among my tasks, I designed and developed the commercial website, explaining all features of the start-up’s solutions, like Wi-Fi Portals, business intelligence services, a customized app with geolocated content and more.

Screenshots of the commercial website

Wi-Fi Portal

The first feature of mobdala’s 360 solution that required UI Design was a customized Wi-Fi Portal. A way to offer free Wi-Fi to customers of any business, creating advertising spaces at the same time.

Wi-Fi Portal with a pop up ad

App Design

This start-up also offered a fully customizable App to manage geolocated content and to improve communication with custommers.

The most important part of my work as Ux-Ui Designer was the creation of templates for a bunch of different features.

High resolution mockup with images.

Brand Adaptations

White Label App adaptation to retail company
Push Notifications and E-commerce workflow

Business Intelligence

From either the Wi-Fi portal or the Customized App data, Mobdala builded a business intelligence platform showing all sorts of KPIs.

This platform was also used to manage the app content and it was also fully customizable.

Mockup of Mobdala’s Business Intelligence Platform

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