This is Domotics, Sir

Sebastian is an ambitious start-up specialized in home automation.



My Role

Ux Design
Ui Design


I lead design on the Home Automation App by Sebastian

The main idea behind Sebastian App, was the creation of a personal assistant similar to a 19th century Butler. An assistant as an AI in charge of your smart home.

The challenge in this project was to create an intuitive, simple and elegant app, for a subject as complex as home automation, from scratch and low budget.

Main Icons

Every virtual device was associated with a unique icon to reduce the amount of text necessary for the comprehension of the info.

Main screens of Sebastian App

The complex nature of the app needed more than 70 screens covering user on-boarding, Wi-Fi setup, virtual devices configuration and much more.

 Possible states of every virtual device

To maintain consistency and ensure efficient design to dev handover, I developed a modular design system based on reusable components and their states, such as cards, list items, and controls.

Some Components of Sebastian App

Every component can be rearranged and combined with others while maintaining design consistency and recognizable UI patterns for the user. 

Main virtual device module variations

I designed a core element for a virtual device and its variations for different states and situations.

Different virtual devices in different states

It was very important to define and design every state of every virtual device with visual coherence to make the app as intuitive as possible.

New device flow

Communication with developers was basically through zeplin.io and marvel.app

Next Project

The onboarding


The first step for any user to enter in a new app.